Does Metal Deck Direct sell other types of metal products?2021-02-22T17:24:06+00:00

Call our sales professionals about the availability of aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals products. Specialty deck finishes may also be available. Bar Joists, Structural Steel, Flat Sheet Metal, and other products are also available.

Does Metal Deck Direct sell accessories?2021-02-22T17:24:28+00:00

Call our sales professionals for a quote on custom accessories for your special project.

Can Metal Deck Direct provide Shop Drawings or detailing services?2021-02-22T17:24:33+00:00

Yes, for an additional fee Metal Deck Direct can provide drawings for your project.

Does Metal Deck Direct do material take-offs / estimates?2021-02-22T17:24:40+00:00

A detailed quote of your project is available using your drawings or information, at no cost to you.

I don’t have any way to cut the material, can Metal Deck Direct cut it to my size?2021-02-22T17:25:00+00:00

Metal Deck Direct is all about customer service. We can cut our stock material to any size you need. In fact, we can ship your complete order using your cut-to-size measurements.

Does Metal Deck Direct deliver the material they sell?2021-02-22T17:24:51+00:00

We can ship your order anywhere in the United States, or in the galaxy.

Is there a minimum order for purchases at Metal Deck Direct?2021-02-22T17:24:56+00:00

No. We value your business too much to charge a minimum fee!

What method of payment does Metal Deck Direct accept?2021-02-22T17:20:55+00:00

We accept Cash, Cashiers Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and even PayPal.
Terms are available for repeat customers after a successful credit application is approved.

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