We have space available to warehouse your materials or product. Please call or email for more information.

  • 20,000 SF of indoor warehouse space available under 7.5 ton and 15 ton overhead cranes.
  • Large exterior yard for storage containers or weatherized goods.
  • Material loading/unloading available.
  • Material pickup and delivery service available.
  • Specializing in storing construction materials, heavy raw materials, steel coil, rebar, etc.

Example of prior warehousing projects:

  1. 30 truckloads of plywood/OSB for construction project.
  2. 20 truckloads of rebar (40′ and 20′ lengths) storage.
  3. Large Truss Manufacturing Machinery.
  4. 10 truckloads of lumber for a local project.

Call For Availability (865) 255-4218 Limited Space Available